ExtraGalactic Spawn


A space-dungeon shooter currently in development, ExtraGalactic is planned for release on iOS and Android in 2020!

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Galaxorz Spawn


Galaxorz - available for iOS! Easy to learn, but hard to master - Galaxorz will continue to challenge you until you’ve destroyed your iPad in frustration

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Game Jams are short competitive game development events, usually lasting no longer than a couple of days. These are a few of my entries.

13 Tanks

js13kgames: 13 Tanks

A complete real-time strategy tank game, fit into just 13kb of JavaScript code.

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Galaxorz Spawn

CGA Jam: Galaxorz

The Galaxorz prototype was written in JavaScript for the CGA GameJam. The iOS version is a complete rewrite in Swift, with many added features.

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TakuJam: Bathroom Escape

A rubber duck-themed puzzle game